Find out what motivates you at work?

You need the motivation to keep going. Several people go through a lot of stress in life that may easily lead to losing work or losing meaning. In most workplaces, some employees are not allowed to express their grievances to the management, hence face a lot of difficulties. This, at times, necessitates the need for stress management strategies that are…

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covid-19 pandemic
Mental Health

10 Habits to Avoid After Lockdown

Are you facing lockdown in your place? Do not worry as multiple countries across the globe are in the current situation. The Covid-19 pandemic has come up with a vast of advantages and disadvantages. More so that of lockdown. This has seen people lose jobs and some live indoors practicing online jobs. There is always the need to develop new…

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Goal Setting, Motivational

Tips for Creating Boundaries While Working From Home

Working from home might have been a regular thing for some, but with the outbreak of the pandemic, almost every company is forced to compromise, which means both employers and employees have to work from home. It can be challenging for employees to successfully create working boundaries at home while maintaining the motivation to execute their tasks. However, with this…

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