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4 Ways to Be A Good Listener and Enhance Your Relationships.

There is no perfect happiness and feel of being wanted than listening to you and giving you attention. Imagine talking to someone, and all of a sudden, you are cut shot? That is a horrible experience. More so in a relationship, there is a need to give your partner time to express their feeling before you can intervene. Make the other person feel safe and essential by listening to them. Many people fail in listening due to a lack of proper motivation or due to anger. In this article, I have the best ways you can practice good listening skills and enhance relationships

Avoid any distraction

When you are talking with your partner face-to-face, you need to have your phone off. Turn anything that may distract you off and focus on listening to them. Also, take your time to do away with the environment’s noise since it may affect your conversation. If you are communicating on the phone, ensure you are in a quiet room and that you turn the television or any source of sound off for you to enhance proper communication.

Make use of useful body language.

To show your connection to your partner’s communication, you need to use body language to show how keen you are. You need to use a facial expression that indicates how attentive you and let your partner know how you are listening. The expression also shows the level of understanding and how you are engaged in the content.

Learn not to interrupt your partner

There is nothing as harmful as interrupting the other partner. You indicate how bitter you are about them and how you even do not care. Good communication skills come when you do more listening and avoid talking when the other person is not done. Ensure that you listen properly to your partner so that even when it’s your time to talk, you have to answer all the posed questions. Besides, do not talk when your partner just posed for a second as to take a cup of water. Wait for your turn and do the talking.

Do not be judgmental.

Many relationships are failing due to improper communication and making a vast number of conclusions. You need to be of the right mindset and focus on listening, evaluating, and waiting for full communication before you can decide. People have different views, and once you assume something without much analyzing it, you will soon end your relationship. Please don’t jump into making some compliments as they indicate who you are and what you stand for. This is being rude to your partner, and it’s not good at all.

Bottom line

In conclusion, a good listener always allows their partner to talk and possess the ability to analyze any sentiments made. You can choose to have a goal tracker and set a goal on what to say or do at what time. This will essentially help to give your partner time to talk and, on your end, will understand what they meant rather than concluding.enhance relationships its for you.

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