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5 ways to build & maintain good relationships.

Relationships are not easy to maintain due to the individual natures of the different types of persons involved. You should really work very hard to have healthy relationships, whether it is with your finance’, spouse, or other family members. Even friends and colleagues need careful handling if you should remain in good terms with them. The following tips on building and maintaining healthy and durable relationships should help you lead a satisfying life at the home, office, and elsewhere in your community.


1. You should take responsibility to create your own happiness. Happiness comes from inside and others could never make you happy. You have to keep up the promises that you make to achieve this. If you make a commitment, ensure that you execute it. It could be something quite trivial like cooking dinner or getting a present for the birthday of your spouse. If you forget what you have committed, it would definitely impact the relationship seriously. If something has occurred beyond the control that has prevented you from completing your commitments, do not hesitate to admit your mistake and apologize sincerely. You should never try to make excuses under these circumstances, which would only have an adverse effect.

2. You should remain realistic and practical in your relationships. There would be days when there are sharp disagreements. However, the relationship would become stronger if you honestly make an effort to solve the issues or problems and remain calm through these hard days. You should never allow resentment to build up further and escalate into real hatred. Every individual has good qualities as well as flaws. You should learn to focus on the good qualities and ignore the flaws. It is not possible for anyone to remain 100% perfect all the time and live up to your expectations. In any long-term relationship, occasional disagreements are bound to happen but you should not allow that to continue and spoil the entire relationship.

3. On most occasions, the other person might only expect you to listen to what he/she has got to express. Listen patiently and understand the problems of the other person. If he/she wants advice, give it gently without appearing to be overbearing. A sympathetic approach and good listening would make any relationship last longer and become stronger. By careful listening, you would be able to solve many problems without arguments and disputes.

4. Expressing your affection is also very important. It is not enough that you love the other person. He/she should also realize and understand your real feelings about that person. There is no shame in openly showing that you do really love the other individual. It always builds unbreakable bonds between people.

5. Keep the passion in your relationship alive. It seriously is easy to just get too occupied to have a sex life. You’re too tired, not enough time, kids, etc. I know a lot of people may possibly find scheduling a time to make love seems odd but if that’s what you need to do, then do it. Believe it or not, it does work and if by chance the romance has dwindled, you may find that after a few times of being together, you will realize just how much you really have missed being together. Do whatever it takes but make sure you try to spend some romantic time at least twice a week.

Keep in mind that relationships of all types can be difficult and they take a lot of work but it is always worth the effort you put in. Both partners have to be absolutely committed. Have long-lasting healthy relationships can be done with a little bit of effort and while it won’t always be sunshine and roses, you can make it work if you both want it to.

Remember to do the little things, like calling in the middle of the day, or just bringing home their favorite candy bar to let them know you were thinking of them. These are the things that can make some of the major differences and will go a long way when it comes to having a lifelong relationship.
If you want more tips for a healthy relationship, you may want to read a few books about relationships where you can learn a lot more about staying together and keeping the passion alive.

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