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5 ways to find happiness in life

When we aren’t happy, it infects those around us; those we love and even those we aren’t aware of. Happy people are always the best to have around.
Being happy and sharing that light with others is one of the most beautiful things in life. Take these well-observed tips, make an intentional effort towards them, and watch people smile with love and awe towards you more often.


1. Quit comparing yourself to others

It’s okay to be ambitious and to aspire to be like someone, but envy is only a major source of unhappiness. Comparing yourself to others isn’t the same as aspiring to be like them or to be better. Sometimes we become too interested in the lifestyle of others and lose focus on our journey which is very unique to us. Know that circumstances simply differs for everyone.

Comparing yourself to others is a sure path to frustration and misery. It makes you lose your sense of self-motivation. Although we are often involved in goal setting, which might sometimes include considering other people’s patterns of achievement, we should be able to recognize the uniqueness of our circumstances.
Pay more attention to your goals and dreams, and enjoy each of your success and achievements. Stop being competitive.

2. Remember to enjoy the process

Happy people recognize that success in most cases is usually a brief moment, attained from several hours, days, months, or even years of hard work and commitment. They understand that we can’t live our lives based on what each of these brief moments stands to offer. They know happiness shouldn’t depend on what we may or may not get at the end of a particular task or goal.

Happiness is not a destination.

Many people use their best years doing things they never had a passion for. They chase money and fame and sometimes goals set for them by other people, putting aside what they truly love to do. You can’t enjoy the process if the process isn’t your thing. Do what you love and enjoy every bit of it – success comes as an added benefit.
Doing what you love automatically gives you the daily motivation you need to push forward.

3. Stop worrying

Most of our worries do not come to pass even after causing us so much restlessness and anxiety. We worry about the uncertainty of the future even though the only definite thing about the future is uncertainty. Avoid focusing on the worst possible result in a situation since it is harmful to your mental and physical health.

Give more attention to today, instead of excessively worrying about tomorrow. While paying attention to the now, we continually develop a strong sense of stress management.
Avoid fretting about the opinion of others because it doesn’t matter. Be yourself instead of conditioning yourself to act the way you think people expect you to. Generally, you should avoid trying to appease others because no matter how much effort you put, you will never appease everyone, plus some will dislike you for even trying.

4. Play more often

Life isn’t always as serious as we make it out to be. We unconsciously allow ourselves to be drawn into the never-ending race of life and society that we forget the things that matter. From deadlines to family responsibilities, personal goals, and more. It’s key to remember to play. Kids show us its benefits all the time. We see the results in their big smiles, their tight hugs, and cheerful and optimistic eyes.
Your form of playing might be sports, hiking, reading a favorite magazine, or heading to the swings in the park to play with the kids. Playing is one of the basic and fastest ways to get in touch with our inner peace and be truly happy.

Taking the time out to have fun is also a major means of stress management and motivation to continue with our daily hurdles of life. If you haven’t had fun in a while, it’s time to think of that activity that you’ve always enjoyed, go out and have some fun.

strong>5. Be grateful

Happy people know to always appreciate the people and things in their life. You should always have a sense of gratitude for the beautiful things in your life, to always celebrate every small feat achieved. A simple habit of vocalizing some of the things you are grateful for daily is enough to lower your blood pressure, send soothing hormones to your brain, and also reduce pains and aches and raise your consciousness of positive emotions.

Both the expectations placed on us and the ones we put on ourselves are all overwhelming even if we don’t know it. We worry about what we are meant to be in life, what to wear, what kind of parents we ought to be, friends and employees we should be. We judge ourselves too much most times.

Take a break and enjoy what you have and where you are. You are wonderful as you are.

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