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5 Ways to stick to your goals when you’ve lost motivation

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Time is flying! Hardly a month more to a new year. With New Year resolutions and goals coming up, you start thinking about the goals you have already started. Are you done achieving those? Or have you lost track of your previous resolutions?

Here are a few tips to help you stay true to your goals even if you feel lost. It’s easier than you think!

Think and visualize end result

If you can’t picture yourself achieving a goal, chances are you won’t. The more vivid you can get, the better it will work for you. Start thinking about your personal goals in life. Spend around 10 to 15 minutes visualizing yourself achieving each one. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was always stressing the importance of seeing himself victorious long before the actual fight. Top performers, among many others, have mastered the technique of positive visualization.

Get used to forcing yourself to do things

Well, this might sound so tough! Doesn’t it? Our mind is a powerful muscle. When it is forced to expand, it memorizes a pattern and you develop your willpower and self-control. Forcing yourself to do things you are supposed to do (which you don’t really feel like doing) can be learned. When it gets too tempting to skip the gym or eat that scrumptious dessert, tell yourself you just need to control for a few more weeks and one day it will become a habit.

 Reward yourself, even for little progress

When you feel you’ve lost motivation, convince yourself about the rewards you will get upon progressing to complete the goal. Think about the emotional rewards of “how amazing you will feel when you see the result of your hard work”. Besides the emotional rewards, promise to give yourself a small celebration as and when you complete each task.

 Track your goals weekly

Did you find yourself off track of the project you started? Once you have a complete plan of actions, it is common to drift away in between, making you difficult to restart. Track the progress of your goals and remember you haven’t come this far to just stop right here. Keep pushing yourself forward with tiny steps ahead. Thanks to technology, habit-tracker apps have made this task an easy one.

Hold accountability for your goals

Discuss your goals with someone you trust. This can be your friend, sister, spouse, personal trainer or life coach who believe in your abilities and constantly push your limits to growth. It is very important to choose a person who is highly motivating and inspiring for you. Having someone to check on your progress help you do more towards completing the goal.

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