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8 Tips to Manage the Ups and Downs of Life

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Life is an amalgam of ups and downs. One day you feel all up and high, excited to see what happens next and as the days pass by your energy deteriorates.

How do you handle these high and low days of life? Let’s see how…

What to do when you feel down?

Accept your emotions

It is completely ok to feel low at times in life. The more you deny your feelings, the more suffocated you will feel inside. Accept the emotions and release it to help you get better. Tell yourself “its okay, I am in control of my emotions and actions”.

Write your thoughts

When your mind is clouded, writing helps you gain clarity. It is not fun to have your thoughts disturbing you. Get a paper and a pen or an online journal app to write down the thoughts. There is no particular format of how it is to be written. Just remember writing is a way of letting out the thoughts to make you feel lighter.

Engage with positive people

Having yourself surrounded by people of negativity can often make the situation worse. Try to find out positive and like-minded people to share your worries or even ideas. It can be your friend, spouse or any of your family member to whom you feel connected. If you are living away from your loved ones, find like-minded people through life success apps.

Do a spontaneous activity

It is important not to fall into the overthinking trap. The more you think about any situation that upsets you, the more you feel down. Get into any activity like exercise or painting or writing to keep your mind stimulating towards positivity. Also, exercise is a great way to pump up blood and oxygen to the brain to boost your happy hormones.

What to do when you feel up?

Share your good vibes

What you share with people resonates. Share your good moments with people who care about you. It will add to the positive vibe, making moments of pure joy.

Get into gratitude mode

The good moments in life are the ones to be grateful for. Practice the art of gratitude to enhance your blessings. Get a gratitude journal app to keep track of those little and big moments in your life. Or if you are a person who keeps a journal, make sure to enter these moments in that.

Celebrate the little wins

Go on a date with yourself, or hug someone you love or just yourself for this feeling of happiness. Plan a small celebration. A home spa just for yourself or cooking your favorite meal can create a beautiful moment to remember. These little gestures will be more memorable for you to enhance positivity in life.

Note down your feelings

Keeping track of the good moments are also vital to remind you of the blessings you had, during the hard times. Reading through the good moments of life you experienced, make you feel more hopeful in future. Make use of a journal app or journal notes to write down your euphoric thoughts. Your future self will thank you for this habit.

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