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Best goal setting app trends in 2020

While there are times I get lost in Pinterest’s constant stream of hypnotizing recipes I’ll never make, my phone is a huge help to my daily life. What would I do without notifications telling me I should have been covering town 10 minutes ago? Where would I be if my phone didn’t give me turn by turn directions from my driveway? Really, without my phone, I’d be face down in a pothole.

 best goal setting app

Besides being my #1 survival tool, my phone plays a big role in my productivity and success. While the thought of the finest goal setting app doesn’t sound as exciting as the best grumpy cat emojis, let me assure you the former is more helpful than the latter (maybe). There are a lot of great choices as far as goal setting apps are concerned, and I’m going to help you sort through them to discover what will work best for you as you work toward your goals.

So, grab your phone, bury your nose in it, and get ready to find my choices for the best goal setting apps to help lead you to success (or at least make your life less chaotic).

Goal Streaks

Are you ready to go streaking? No, get your head out of your college days. Starting a goal streak is a great way to keep track of your progress and ensure your goals are moving forward. With Goal Streaks, you can decide upon day-to-day activities that will help you achieve a certain goal
Each day that you successfully complete the action, you receive a checkmark. When you open the app, you can see how many checkmarks you have and get an idea of how committed you’ve been to the goal. While the concept may seem overly simple, let me tell you, it’s really effective. There’s nothing like the simple reward of seeing a long line of checkmarks to keep you motivated to continue pursuing your goals. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

Daily Goals

This app is alike to Goal Streaks in that it helps you keep track of the days on which you’ve completed specific tasks as you move towards a goal. The difference with this app is that you can see all of your goals for the day stacked upon each other. If you have multiple goals, this helps you see which goals still need to be worked on that day. The difference between Goal Streaks and Daily Goals is a mostly aesthetic and personal preference, so give them both a try and see which you like the best.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is the goal-setting guru author of popular books such as Eat that Frog!, Maximum Achievement, Get Smart!, and many more. As an expert in this field, Tracy knows what he’s talking about as far as goal setting in concerned. And, he’s made it easier than ever to apply his techniques to set your own goals and reach success. Tracy’s Goal Setting app gets hold of you from start to finish, helping you set a goal and then follow through on achieving it. As far as the best goal setting apps are bothered, this one is the full package.
In addition to the app, Tracy has a great line of personal growth products that can help you dig deeper into your goals.


This app breaks down goals into 8 life categories, helping you to organize your goals based on work, recreation, health, etc. Once you set a goal within a category, you can decide how many steps you’d like for it to take in order to achieve it. As you move through a goal, this app offers mentorship and training through courses, habit trackers, life assessments, and more. Remente is surely a worth try if you’re looking for a well-rounded, goal app that focuses on personal development and wellbeing.


A goal setting & motivation app that lets to set & track your life goals & actions. Use this goal setting app to mastery your emotions and stay motivated.
You have a basic right to be healthy, happy, rich, radiant, and free from doubt and fear. Why should you fix for just enough or struggle to make ends meet? Should you choose you can surely have it all, a fuller, happier more wonderful life.
Provided you’re open-minded and receptive, this goal-setting app will help you unleash the amazing opportunities available to you to get ahead and bring to your life more health, wealth, joy, and happiness. This is how this inspirational goal setting app can assist you when you’re ready to change.

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