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Best Tricks To Stop Procrastinating And Start To Make A Change

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“Best Tricks To Stop Procrastinating And Start To Make A Change”

Procrastination is a problem that affects everyone from time to time. You may be familiar with the feeling of knowing you should complete some work but being unable to do it. As a result, you put off finishing the task until the very last moment, when tension and pressure force you to do so; or, in the worst-case scenario, the job is never completed. Procrastination is a thief of time, and everyone should know how to deal with it. Below are some of the tricks that will show you how to stop Procrastinating.

1.Set deadlines for yourself

One of the major causes of procrastination is the lack of a deadline which makes you think you have a lot of time to accomplish a particular task. Setting deadlines enables you to plan and motivate yourself, reducing the chance of postponing the task. When creating your deadline, make sure they are realistic, concrete, and meaningful with the exact time and date for every little task.

2.Break down a huge task into small manageable tasks

Huge tasks are overwhelming, and determining where to begin is hectic; hence, you procrastinate. Breaking the huge task into smaller parts that are doable motivates you to concentrate on the smaller task. Focusing on smaller tasks at a time enables you to do away with procrastination for good.

3.Plan your day

A good plan motivates you to stay focused and complete all your task on time. Once you have broken your task into smaller, manageable ones, proceed to create a list of how you are going to accomplish them, depending on the level of difficulty. Do the most difficult task fast, followed by the less difficult one. A well-planned day ensures that there is no time to procrastinate as everything you have to do is in order.

4.Eliminate the hindrances from the environment

In certain environments, some people perform better and are more productive. Good lighting, an orderly workstation, and a peaceful location are some of the most typical elements that perform well for most people. In case you are working in a noisy environment with poor ventilation and toxic workmates, you tend to procrastinate most of the time. If your working environment does not favor your work performance, make sure to change location to where you can be more productive.

5.Reward yourself for the completed tasks.

Most people assume the successful completion of a particular task is normal. Awarding yourself for the small tasks that you have managed to complete keeps you motivated and avoids procrastinating. Reward makes you happy and encourages you to continue pushing to achieve even more goals.


Procrastination is a hard disease to cure and can not be healed overnight. However, adopting the given in this article will help you do away with procrastiby bit. Being organized and planning well enables you to be focused hence killing procrastination. Hurry now and take action to make yourself a better being.

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