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Be The Character Comprise Empathetic When They Deserved It

Around the globe, it’s the nature of all human beings to have pain in one way or another. It may be from the loss of their loved one, continued burying, domestic violence, etc. These feelings may make someone underperform or even fall into depression. To curb the situation, it’s always wise to walk with the person from stage one to last and comfort them when they need a shoulder to lean on. This is called humanity, and it comes mainly from the inner you, more so with the right motivation and self-help strategies. In this article, I have the best way to be a good character and show empathy to people who need you.

1. Be an active listener

The first thing you do to a person going through some challenges in life is giving them your ear, I mean paying attention to what they say. This shows the affected individual you care for and gives them hope that they can be even better. Do not think about how you will answer the person but focus on what they are saying to understand their feelings better. These will always make people trust and open to you more than before.

2. Keep away your distractions

To ensure active listening, you need to ensure that nothing beside you divides your attention. For instance, for your mobile phone, you need to ensure that it’s silent. Also, preempt your mind to ensure that you focus more on what the other person is saying. You need to ensure you are also in a conducive environment and give attention as you would require if it were your case.

3. Be keen on your judgments

Remember, your way of thinking and reviewing things is different from what others think. You may pass your judgment and which may not be allowing empathy to pass through. When making a judgment, always be considerate of the other person, have their feeling at heart. Also, before judgment, remember a scenario when you were misquoted; this can be the same way—the right thing having the other person at heart.

4. Don’t try solving their problem

The worst mistake you can ever make is promising that you can handle their problems. Offering a solution to the problem is not empathy; you will be digging a deeper hole for yourself. All you need is to understand that empathy refers to listening to the person and being there for them during a hard time. Your actions should only be the impression and available. The rest should be left to make the right decision since it’s their life and you have no control.

Bottom line

Character is something essential for every human being. It should be positive on all matters so that one can empathize with their friends and family when they face the most difficult time of their life. Listening is the key to the success of empathy to persons who deserve it; all have their problems at heart and observe the above point. After it all, you will have helped them overcome the pain.

Remember that you can only control your emotions and actions with proper goal setting and having the right goal tracker.

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