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Dо Nоt Оvеr-Соmmіt Уоursеlf To Anything; Sometimes It Gives You Pain

Dо Nоt Оvеr-Соmmіt Уоursеlf To Anything; Sometimes It Gives You Pain

You have probably met yourselves in a situation where you cannot make progress, yet you have invested too much in it. This is heartbreaking, and you end up giving up on your dreams. Well, you have a goal; you work very hard to ensure that you achieve your goals on time, but unfortunately, it does not work like that, and you always disappoint yourself. Being over-committed in anything may result in you experiencing a harsh outcome if things do not go your way. For example, you want to lose weight in the next month, so you start waking up early, exercising for the whole day, and stopping taking some of your favorite junkies. Well, at the end of the month, you have lost close to no weight; what a disappointment. Despite commitment being needed for success, do not overdo it; just keep calm, do your best,t and rest whenever necessary.

Over-committed persons end up going outside their routine to ensure they get closer to their aim. This does not eventually add up as they are always tired and can never do anything to perfection. The number one that any human who wants to succeed should follow is to always stick to the plan. Write down a well-laid plan of the things to achieve, the amount of time for the tas,k and a backup plan in case you are short of time. Once the time of a designated task is over, stop what you are doing and go to your next task on the list; then, you might find time later to accomplish the task on hold. With, your goal always make sure to know when to start, when to take a break and when to stop. Also, you should always ensure that you do not fall under deriver or over-delivery, do what is within your power, and you will be a palaceful human being.

This does not mean that you should not give it all when working on your goals. No, the point is that you do whatever you can but know the limits where to stop, take a break and rethink your life. Most people fail in life because they want to get into a new thing today, and boom, the next day, they should be at the top. As a result, when they encounter a problem, they do not want to face it with the thought that it will deter their progress. Well, this is torturing themselves and those around them because their fears eventually catch up with them and what they try to build falls down in shambles. You must understand that good thing take time to manifest. Creating a concrete foundation is just the beginning which should be followed by tones of build and rebuild just to attain a suitable model to work with. There is no limit to when you should achieve your goals, just be consistent with what you do and avoid over-commitment.