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Decide yourself to, be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

We believe that we are capable of modeling our future, to become whatever we decide to be. But, we have to be strong enough to stick to our visions, our dreams and to trust in our criteria. We need to decide what kind of people we want to be. Are we the leaders of our own faith, or are we followers?

From this very moment, it is imperative that you decide to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Whatever you decide, we encourage that this becomes a personal choice and not the result of failed projects, fear of failure or simply the flow of the current.

In this sense, we believe that everyone owns the light to be the candle that shrike its lights to its surroundings and the world as an example of success, determination, and perseverance. But, before you take power from this light inside you, you must be able to focus your mind on the consecution of your personal and professional goals. You need to take the wheel off your faith and start making your own decisions, instead of leaving it to the course of circumstances and the action-reaction vicious circle.

From the very first moment you decide to transform your life, you will be confronted with a whole new reality, in which you might have tremendous opportunities but also very complex challenges. You might find yourself taking decisions with opposing results, internal and external forces will oppose resistance to your actions, and you must be strong enough to face your own fears and the people who will want you to continue being a mirror instead of a candle.

Knowing that these first steps are the hardest, that you will have to face inertia and gain momentum to continue making those changes, we have developed a Self-Help App. It will aid you in the process of becoming the master of your own mind and, subsequently, being able to transform your perception of yourself to match your full potential. We have combined it with a Stress relief app to help you manage these changes and the adaptation process because we know it can very tough.

Perhaps what differences a candle from a mirror is the level of control of their emotions, thoughts and ability to manage their fears. In this sense, we need to train our mind to complete eliminate negative thoughts and feelings, while at the same time maintaining complete control of our emotions. In this sense, we have also added an Emotional intelligence app that will be able to instruct you in this critical aptitude.

We truly believe that you have the potential to become a leader and to be a name of reference when it comes to success. But, in order to achieve your full potential, you need to start transforming your paradigms immediately. We are certain that our app can give you the extra boost you need for it.

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