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Different Ways To Dеаl With Disobedient Children

Different Ways To Dеаl With Disobedient Children

Being a parent is one of the most challenging duties you can have as an adult. Seeing your children grow with the best behaviors is even more problematic as it requires a lot of patience and understanding from your kids. As a parent, you ought to be caring, loving, and protective of your children. However, you must be very keen on the kids’ upbringing by knowing how to deal with disobedient children. Some children are very defiant to their parents and hate following rules; for this reason, as a parent, you must be able to know how to punish them and instill discipline in them. Below are some of the ways to deal with disobedient kids.

  • Be in authority
  • Your kids should know that you are in authority, and the rules you put in place must be followed. Please make sure they are aware of the regulations for your disciplinary measures. Being severe with those behaviors is okay as long as you are adaptable. You can be friends with your kids, but when it comes to punishment, draw the line. Inform them of your preferences if you don’t want them to act a certain way.

  • Let the child be accountable for their mistake
  • If your kids keep repeating the same mistake, give them a warning, and if the error is repeated, make them accountable. It would help if you always were serious when punishing them, so they do not take the punishment for granted. Among the few ways to make them regret their mistake is through grounding them, denying them their best show for a week, and taking away their phones and video games for a significant amount of time.

  • Reward the child for better behavior
  • Make it a habit of rewarding your children if they portray good behavior or an improvement from previous mistakes. They are motivated to maintain good behavior and become even better by rewarding them. You can reward your kids by buying them their best ice cream, getting them a new video game, or even promising them a night of sleep with a friend.

  • Provide clear and precise instruction
  • Most children do not know how to follow instructions; therefore, you must be strict with your education. Ifs and buts shouldn’t be included in instructions. It might not be effective to tell a child that they can go swimming only if they successfully finish their homework. They might try to manipulate you or pretend that their job is done by lying to you. Instead, inform them of the regulations that must be obeyed. Follow your directions strictly. Make them repeat it till they understand if they don’t comply. Constant reminders with adverse outcomes frequently overcome their resistance.


    Handling disobedient kids is very difficult and requires a lot of composure. It is better to try and understand your kids and determine the cause of their ill behavior; after all, they are our children who require their parent’s support and guidance. Always deal with disobedient behaviors immediately to avoid lies and arrogance from the kid.

    Parents and other caregivers are essential resources for children in managing emotional arousal, coping, and managing behavior.


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