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Why Smart Goals Are Essential For Long Term Success

Goals are part of daily life, are what keep the business moving, provide direction to personal life, and act as a motivating factor. A SMART is an acronym that represents specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals. Therefore if you want to derive smart goals, it should entail all of the above criteria.

Smart Goals

having smart goals
“Any Comparison With Other People Creates A Separation From You And Your Smart Goals”

  • Specific
  • When setting goals, one needs to be very specific with the result they want to achieve. If you are not keen while setting your goals, you will not be sure if you met your target at the end of the task. For instance, when one says they want to establish a business this year, that is a specific goal. But when you say you want to grow your revenues ten times in about five months, that is an ambiguous goal that’s not more specific. Therefore while setting goals, ensure that you major on something specific and easy to attain.

  • Measurable
  • After establishing a specific goal, you need to derive means to make it measurable. If you have no criteria for measuring your success, it won’t be easy to measure your progress. To determine if you are making progress, ask yourself questions like; how do I know I have achieved my goals? What shows that I am progressing? The measurement is what plots the course in the essence that it will guide you to know if you are heading in the right direction or not.

  • Attainable
  • People set big goals that they want to achieve over a short duration. After setting your goals, you need to question yourself and ask if they are achievable. People might judge you that those goals you are setting are a wastage of time because they look unrealistic, but you should question your inner self and determine if you will attain the desired goals. The goals may need you to put in more effort and extra hours working on them, but if you are disciplined enough, you will attain them. The problem with setting unrealistic goals is that when you fail to achieve them, they tend to drag you down and make you feel frustrated, thus hindering you from moving forward. Therefore, set goals that you are sure are achievable.

  • Realistic goals
  • When looking for goals, ensure that they are relevant and realistic in the essence that if you are a business owner, are the goals you are setting making sense to your business? For example, if you decide to major in the e-commerce business, telling yourself that you want to be ranked number one on the search engines is unrealistic because you are not the one who controls the algorithms and products other people are selling. You will be setting yourself for failures because the search algorithm changes from time to time depending on the customers’ keywords. Therefore, it is advisable to set achievable goals to have control over them.

  • Time-bound
  • The goals should be governed by a specific time since the goal cannot be achieved if you have no endpoint. Also, having time-bound work will help you put extra effort and some good stress on yourself to ensure your goals are achievable. This will help you stretch yourself a little more than you would have without being time-bound.

    In conclusion, having smart goals will enable you to attain your long-term success. The goal might be big and seem unrealistic, but if you break it down into achievable steps and work on them within the time-bound, you will achieve them.


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