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Five reasons you don’t pursue your dreams

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Do you have a vision that you never pursued? Are you looking forward to pursuing your dream? If yes, then you need to learn why most people do not pursue their dreams. In life, you find people doing what we always wanted to do when we were young and feel negative for them. If you find someone who is pursuing your dream job, you need to be positive and focus on learning from them. The reason why you may find negative about the other person is that you are angry about yourself for something you did not achieve.

There is always the need to read motivation books that will be meant to strengthen your inner self to correct any mistake made in the past. Do not be discouraged; all you need to learn is why most people don’t pursue their dreams. This will help you focus and aim at avoiding the problems as to be better than others. Have a goal tracker that will quickly help you know if you are on the right track or waste time. The following are reasons why you do not pursue your dream.

  • Wasting your education
  • Education is the primary key to meeting your dream job or set goals. If you do away with your education in one way or another, it is an indication that you will never pursue your dreams. You may also spend too much time in school, pursuing a course that may never earn you a dream job. With education, you are setting tomorrow’s journey; hence the more years you spend, the more you become the expert in that sector therefore focusing on the education rather than the dreams.

  • Fear of failure
  • In one way or another, we face fears that once you pursue your dreams, you will fail. There is always the need to keep in mind that you will never find it hand achieving your goals once you have a goal tracker. Most people fail to pursue their dreams as they have something in their mind telling them how hard the situation and fear that families and friends will blame them once they fall. Do not fear failure as it is always proof that you tried, and you learn much as you fall.

  • Family responsibility
  • When you are young, you got to have vast dreams and strategies on how you will implement them. When you get responsibilities such as bringing up a child, you find it difficult to continue with your goals. You are left at a point of choosing between your child and career, and in one way or another, you choose your responsibilities as a parent. If you long to pursue your dreams, you need to start at a tender age as when you get commitments, and it will be difficult for you.

  • Waiting for the right time
  • There is nothing done if you have not started. The start of a journey begins now. One of the reasons why most people do not pursue their dreams is waiting for the right time. You should know that there is nothing like the right time. This is because, when you say the thing will be done tomorrow, there will be other things that will need to be done. You need to make a decision and get the right motivation for starting everything that you need today.

  • Failure to succeed the first time
  • Many people fail to pursue their dreams only because they failed in the first place. This is very dangerous since it makes most people lose focus on the things that they are doing. You may have been employed for a couple of years, and unluckily you get fired. The moment you quit searching for another job, it is the end of a career, and you may end up living a stressful life. Let the fast failure in your life be a motivation to you and look for another right job for you.

    Final thought

    Failure to pursue a dream is one of the regrets that every older person always has. If you long to pursue your dream and get the right job, you need to have an above point and look to keep on track with your goals. Ensure you have a goal tracker and have self-motivation. Never give excuses as to why you failed but rather provide testimonies on how you achieved your dream.

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