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Five Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re Not Feeling It

Self-motivation is very hard. Trying to sustain your drive through a task or even your career sometimes tends to be difficult, especially if we lack self-motivation. For instance, imagine the world’s wealthiest people like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, or Mark Zuckerberg waking up on a Monday morning only to press a snooze button repeatedly because they don’t want to go to work. But what about most owners of small business enterprises? They have many instances of such moments. So when one is faced with moments of lack of self-motivation, some might shake it off while others struggle to reenergize and press on.

Here are five ways to recharge your self-motivation levels.

When you fail to motivate yourself, especially when you are not feeling it, you tend to lose a lot; for example, you might lose your goal tracking and habit tracking, making it difficult for you to manage your stress which might deteriorate your mental health. This is why you need to think about how you might work on a plan for topping up that self-motivation when you are not feeling it. Here are five ways to recharge your self-motivation levels.

Design realistic goals and not chores

This is a common thing that most people have heard about, but setting a SMART goal will help how you approach different achievements. This should not apply to the long-term goals only, but they are also convenient for the short term. The goals should be;

  • S –Specific

  • M –Measurable

  • A –Achievable

  • R –Realistic

  • T –Time-bound
  • Setting realistic goals is applicable in all scope of life; it is not only on business activities but also in education. For instance, if your long-term goal is to raise your grade, you need to develop a SMART goal for each study session.

    Reward yourself after small achievements

    Some tasks or even career endeavors are entirely demanding, and to accomplish them, one must create more self-motivators over short to medium durations. You can promise yourself good things after making such accomplishments as buying a gift or going for a vacation after accomplishing the task. You can find focusing on the reward help you to be motivated in reaching your goals; however, ensure that the rewards are not sabotaging your efforts.

    Sustain your progress

    When people major in new inventions and business, they are always self-motivated initially, but most lose themselves and slump in the middle. Majoring in a new business comes with many challenges and requires high mental strength and the ability to manage your stress. Therefore you could break your goals into smaller sub-goals and motivate yourself towards attaining them that way; there will be less time to succumb to that pesky slump.

    Harness the influence of others

    We are social beings and usually look at what others are doing, especially if they are our role models and their actions influence our own. But when it comes to motivation, this is complex since each individual has a different source of inspiration, but we should always be optimistic and be inspired by what our role models are doing. Dedicate sometimes and talk to the people who inspire you and learn about what they are trying to accomplish and what motivates them to be selfless and push themselves to the edge without losing hope. That way, you will be self-motivated, which will help you raise your sight.

    Understand your roadblocks

    Most people are determined to meet their goals, but the journey is not that easy and hence one needs to understand their roadblocks. Many people understand what is making them not achieve their goals, and it could be a lack of skills in an area, or sometimes you might not realize it at all. Devoting time to understand your roadblocks and deriving ways to overcome them is another way to remain self-motivated.

    Therefore, our endeavors are defined by our mental states in which one is fully immersed, but they should always make the feeling fleeting every day to remain self-motivated. Self-motivation is one of the most complex skills to learn, but it’s critical to your success.