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Why Does Goal Setting Give Me Anxiety?

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Goal setting is one of the tedious processes around the globe that is hard to do if you are not focused. In life, it isn’t easy to be successful without a proper goal. A vast number of people set their goals daily but achieving the goals is another thing. Also, they face difficult times when making this goal. The reason behind this is that your one does not have a proper goal tracker. If you have faced anxiety when making goals, do not worry as I have for you reasons why this happen.

Your fear

Fear to achieve is one reason you will keep thinking about goal setting. This happens to almost everyone who is in the process of setting goals. If you are not well prepared, you will eventually fall into the trap of quitting the process, but you will stick to the goal if you are courageous enough. You need to fight fear if you do not want to be anxious. With the goal, do not allow anything to distract you or the process you aspire to achieve.

Over dreaming

This refers to setting more goals beyond your reach. For example, you can plan how you will become the greatest musician in the world, bearing in mind that you even do not have proper sound, have done anything about it, and have no role model. Achieving this dream is somehow hectic. It will keep disturbing you now and then, thereby making you lose focus even on the little dreams that you have got. You need to dream about what you think you can achieve. Have crucial goals that will ring in your head when you are performing any task.

Having too many goals

When you have too many goals, you will always be anxious since you wonder how you should focus on and achieve them. This is a feeling that many people usually get. If you have a vast goal, what you need is a goal tracker and self-motivation; this will help you achieve them. If not the case, just set goals that are easy to achieve and within your reach. Too many goals can keep you thinking all day long and wondering why some people are achieving while, in your case, you are not.

Final thought

Combating all the negative thoughts and things that will give you anxiety is what you need to focus on when goal setting. You need to have the motivation that will keep you moving even when you are facing tough times. Find the solution for the above ways, and you will make a wise decision without any interference. Do not always dream but take action for everything that you are expected to be doing. Do not give an excuse for what you had said you would achieve.

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