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How to Hold on Your New Positive Habits

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Positive habits make you feel good about yourself. It gives you a sense and feeling of fulfillment. When you are able to follow the right course you have set for yourself, the satisfaction it brings is unquantifiable. Most times, we fall short of the principles we have set for ourselves and we feel very bad about it. But when we can tenaciously hold on to these principles and live our lives guided by it, it forms our positive habits. These habits sustain us daily and help us achieve a lot because we feel good about ourselves.

Some of these habits might be washing your mouth or taking your bath before you sleep at night. It might as well be taking out the trash-can every morning or waking up early to get your chores done on time. It can also be the way you eat or relate with other people. It generally involves everything about you. Whichever it is, the success of carrying them out brings along with its maximum satisfaction and inspiration that keeps you in a very good frame of mind. Imagine a situation where you live your life with no principles to guide you and no laid down injunctions. For you, anything goes. The dirt in the trash-can piles up till when you remember to take it out or you wake up so late and you are unable to get your chores done. All these can in one way or the other hamper the way your day turns out and if it is not culled, it can affect the way your life turns out. You do not want to live your life with no sense of direction or core values. Positive habits honor you and also tell the whole world the kind of person you are. So there is a great need to perfect your positive habits.

you do not have values or principles guiding your daily life, you can be tossed about by any spontaneous idea that comes to your mind or suggestions by your friends. First, you have to know what you really want. What should I do to manage my time better? What values should I imbibe to make my life better? When you can answer these questions, then you can start perfecting the principles you have decided to follow. Make them a part of your mental toughness and count as your positive habits.

The following are simple tips you can follow;
• Know and understand the values you want to imbibe. You can write them down and post them in the places you visit most. This will help serve as a reminder.
• Always evaluate yourself each day and know the areas you can do better.
• Be conscious of yourself and do not let anything sway you. Be sure you follow your guided values diligently until they become a part of you.
• Even if you fall short of any habit, do not let it discourage you. Be persistent until it becomes a part of you.
• Always pray for God’s guidance because you honor Him as well as you honor yourself when you successfully stick to your positive habits.
• Finally, share them with your friends and loved ones. They might share theirs with you and help you want to do more.

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Positive habits are the core of a beautiful existence. It is indeed blissful to live an organized and well-managed life. It does not only affect you but also those around you. So let us bask in the glee of positive habits and motivate one another.

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