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How to be the Master of Your Mind

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Your mind is a powerful tool to help you interpret the reality of life and according to Buddhist scripture, “Our life is the creation of our mind”.

When you have control of your mind, you can be totally in charge of your life. Listed below are a few ways to help you master your mind:

Practice Mindfulness

Your mind is a machine that needs proper service to be sharp. Meditation, being the ancient technique is developed to create awareness and provide proper nourishment to the mind. Practicing meditation enhances concentration and helps you unclutter your crowded thoughts. If you haven’t yet started meditation, find a peaceful spot and begin practicing it, because it will make you feel more in control with your thoughts.

Unwind and recharge

Living amidst the technology, constant digital exposure can take a toll on the mind. Over-dependence on these digital devices enhances stress levels, sleep deprivation, reduces concentration, and also affects your creativity. Go on a digital diet where you take some tech-free time to make you more focused and less stressed. It can make you happier and gives you mental clarity.

Observe your own mind

Take some time to understand your thoughts. Every night make it a habit of thinking of how you spend your time. What was the general theme? How were you feeling? How were you thinking?

How did this influence your day and ultimately your interpretation of it? This is very important because if we don’t take the time to analyze our thinking we will not be conscious of any problems and make the appropriate changes.

Focus on the positive

Positivity has a knock-on effect on your mind. As you think more about positive things in your life, more optimistic your thinking becomes. The mind has the ability to work on the way we train it. You are the one who ultimately gets to decide what you pay attention to. Beware of feeding your mind with negative energy or thoughts for long. When you observe that you have negative thoughts lingering in your mind, deviate to a positive one. Gratitude journal apps are a great way to focus on blessings in your life.

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Expand your memory muscle

With the mind being more exposed to technology, there is a lot of information processing taking place. But the ability of the mind to retain that information is deteriorating.  A recent study has found that new generation is more forgetful than the elders. Practice a few cognitive tricks to boost your memory power. Keeping your memory sharp requires some time and attention-but your brain will thank you for it later in life.

Also, last but not the least, make sure that you don’t sweat the small stuff. It is found that clinging to situations that you do not have control over is the primary reason for depression. Thanks to technology, anti-depression apps have become a relief to track the thoughts and emotions.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” – Buddha

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