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How to keep your mind relaxed when you feel rejected?

I have never heard anyone who likes facing rejection in any form. Rejection seems to have been a huge part of human life. We will face rejection no matter how rich or poor we are. Needless today, it is part of our lives. Many people react in different ways in facing rejection, should it be called normal? In my own point of view, yes! Once rejected it is a normal human response to feel bad about it. However, it does not suggest that we should get trapped in it.

  • Facing the fear of rejection in relationships
  • This is a huge thing men and women face during the teen years. However, as growing older, we feel a little less afraid if the person we like rejects us. Many are afraid to tell someone they like them because they fear being rejected. Learning to be upfront when liking someone takes a little practice indeed. Learn today and tell the person you like that you are attracted to them, it will either be a yes or a no. If you are still not brave enough, leave subtle hints in every corner of your relationship with the person. In time you will discover answers that correspond to the hints and eventually will learn whether you are rejected or not. I have seen many people trapped in the tango and eventually living in confusion with their current relationships. Eventually, after some time will hear that the person they like is already attached or committed to someone. When this happens they often feel rejected and depressed and will take some time to recuperate. This is not how life is meant to be. Face rejection and move on. It is easier said than done, however, taking a closer look, getting trapped in the fear of rejection and failure is nothing but the business of the cowards. You are you and special the way you are made.

  • Facing rejection in sales
  • As a sales trainer, I have seen many of my agents and colleagues take rejection in bad ways. As mentioned earlier, this is normal. However, in sales, the rejection must always be taken positive and a learning experience. More often than not we are rejected because something must have gone wrong in the sales pitch process. If you can dissect your sales pitch and replay inside your head, you can take notes of the wrong moves you made and avoid doing it again. In sales, one way to avoid rejection is to be innovative in your sales pitch and listen to yourself. If you have exerted all your effort in selling your product and still the customer do not like it, learn to give up and move on. I always tell my trainees that rejection goes together with our job as a sales representative, we are here to sell to those people we can convince or really like our product but we are not here to make magic. When someone rejects you, this rejection has no bearing on your next sales pitch.

  • Facing rejection in society
  • I do not believe this thing although for some reason I have learned to accept that some people really feel this way. We are here to coexist with our fellow beings and not feel inferior. I have had my fare share of rejection but I never lived in this thought. The best way to handle this is to keep reminding yourself that you thriving within the thoughts of rejection will bring you more feelings of rejection and that you will grow convinced that the world does not like you. Yes, the world likes you, you will not be here if not. However, when you face tough days in your daily life, whether in school or at work and everyone just seems to be picking on you, take a moment, maybe it is you who is presenting yourself to people as rejected that is why they treat you that way. Open up, when you feel more open to your colleagues, classmates, or friends, you will feel that they never really rejected you, they just saw your weaknesses first. It is what you are presenting them daily anyway. Being positive is not a technique nor is it a skill possessed by some people.

    Being positive and motivated is a way of life. When you wake up in the morning, embrace life and smile at it, this will cause a big change in your point of view about rejection. Be positive, some will like you and some won’t. To those you cannot please, simply move on. Turn yourself into a magnet, and soon you will get those things you really want. The best way to be positive is to erase the word reject from your life vocabulary.
    It sure is normal to feel rejected but it is never normal to be trapped within the feeling for a long time.

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