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How to manage depression in a relationship.

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Relationships are tough enough. But add depression to the equation and you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for disaster.
It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship where you’re the one who’s depressed or your spouse is… either way it’s a very tough thing to deal with on a daily basis.
Unfortunately, if you’re going to get out of that funk that depression creates, you’re going to have to face it head-on and confront it.

First – a few things you should probably know about depression and relationships.
Depression comes in many different varieties. You’ve got the severe cases where the person is so depressed they can’t function in the real world… all the way to a mild case of the ‘blues’ where you simply just keep to yourself and stop talking to people.

If it’s a mild form of depression that you or your partner are experiencing, then it’s critically important you take care of it right away – before it has a chance to become a severe case of depression in the relationship.

Also, it’s important to note… if you AT ALL think you or a depressed partner have a severe case of depression, seek medical help immediately.
It’s not enough to tell that person to cheer up or that it’s “all in their head.” Sometimes depression can be a severe medical condition that needs treatment right away. So if you have any doubts, consult a medical professional.

This article assumes that you’re dealing with a mild form of depression in the relationship.
So since that’s our assumption, here’s what you can do to face it head-on and hopefully get rid of it ASAP.

1. Get out of the house.

This is one of the best things you can do. Sometimes being in the same environment for extended periods of time can be a drag and just make you or your depressed partner worse off. So get out. Experience life. Get to the gym. Go out with friends. Go see a movie. Anything to get your mind busy with other things and experiencing life.

2. Eat healthy.

Believe it or not, many mood swings can be caused by a poor diet. That’s because food CAN alter your hormonal makeup. That’s why certain foods can make you feel a certain way. So it’s important that if you’re depressed or have depression in the relationship, start eating clean. In addition to feeling motivated about yourself, you’ll start to feel more energetic and lively.

3. Help someone out.

This is another great way to deal with depression. Get out of your own head and help someone out. Go volunteer at the homeless shelter if you have to. Being of service to others will help you put your problems in perspective and get you out of your head and out of that depressive funk. In summary, dealing with depression in a relationship is something that requires a bit of work.
But it can be done. Follow the three tips here. And make sure you take action immediately, because the sooner you treat it, the sooner you’ll have peace, love and harmony back in your relationship!

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