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Mental Health Conditions In Conflict Situations

Mental health refers to social wellbeing, our emotions, and also psychology. It plays a vast role in our day-to-day lives, that is, how we do things, the way we think and how we live with other people. Mental health is the critical determinant of how we manage stress and the choices we make daily. If we are not well up and informed about our wellbeing, we may end up losing focus and doing things that are out of our limit and may lower our performance.

Mental Health Conditions In Conflict Situations
Take time to reflect on your past, recognize and embrace all your losses. Failing does not mean that you are a loser, but it motivates you to learn and improve yourself until you become successful.

When it comes to conflict situations, life is usually not the same, especially for young people and children. If you lack the proper motivation during the conflict, you will easily lose the truck and lack the energy to do other things you have been entrusted to do. A human’s life is composed of their mind, the way they think dictates how they perform, and if the mind is affected, everything the person does is corrupted and may not be done according to their will.

There is a high level of conflict between different ethnic groups, religious groups, or cultural groups in most countries worldwide. In these countries, there is ignorance in matters to do with mental health. Most people in these countries can be identified as suffering since they are left where they can do nothing. Some of them end up in depression, which leads them to consume harmful drugs to survive. Some are left with no option but to commit suicide since they cannot hold the pain anymore.

Others have been displaced from their local areas, leaving them without any place to live or call home. These people are left in a state which they cannot easily come out of when left alone. They may try finding an alternative but better life is not on their side. Also, through habit tracking, they find themselves doing the same thing time after time. After all, they end up closed indoors, and they can’t go to the street or even interact with those across them.

To address the issue, the government and non-governmental organizations can play a wide role in ensuring that mental health issues are addressed. They can act as a catalyst towards building quality mental health awareness and ways to help the affected people. There are also vast measures that can be put in place to ensure that those who are displaced or lose their loved ones are well taken care of rather than being left on their own.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, mental health conditions are real. They may easily affect anyone irrespective of age, gender, or ethnic group. You need to stay focused and have a set goal and a goal tracker to measure your progress. You may be thinking you are in line with what you should be doing but already lost the way due to something that happened in you. Finally, be ready to talk to people around you, let them know what you are going through, and help you come out of it.

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