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The Perfect Weekend Day in Quarantine

The pandemic and the whole quarantine saga might have made stress management an overwhelming issue coupled with its effect on financial stability and goal setting. However, that’s enough to stop us from having beautiful days indoors with our loved ones.

Any day of the week could easily be taken as a weekend. There’s basically no difference since most of us live in our sweatpants all through the week. Regardless, we’ve provided you with a guide for the perfect weekend day in quarantine.

  • Avoid using alarms
  • While you may feel pressure to learn something new or be productive during the quarantine, it’s not necessary to wake with an alarm on the weekend. When you set the alarm to wake up, your deep sleep is usually interfered with, leaving you with a feeling of irritation throughout the day.

    On the other hand, waking up naturally allows your mind to wake up with a rhythm, making you feel more energized and focused.

  • Follow up with a cup of coffee.
  • Taking caffeine in moderate doses (drinking about three to four cups per day) is beneficial to health. Several research pieces indicate that regular coffee drinkers are more unlikely to develop medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. It’s also self-help for stress management.

    So with a cup or two of coffee, you can begin your day feeling fresh and energized. However, if you aren’t a coffee drinker, you can always go for other energizing drinks. Regardless of your choice of energy-giving drink, habit tracking should be a motivation for you.

  • Treat yourself to a protein-filled breakfast.
  • You must have probably heard several talks about how great it is to take a healthy breakfast. The truth is that they are all through. One of the worst ways to begin your day is to delay breakfast. Studies have also told us that taking breakfast reduces your chances of gaining excess weight, enhancing your memory while you concentrate more.

    Go with something nutritious that is high in protein and very low in carbs. For instance, veggies with egg white omelet and fruit smoothie coupled with a piece of avocado toast. Make it part of your goal setting to boost your motivation.

  • Reduce your use of technology
  • If you’re one of those working from home during the quarantine, you probably spend several hours sitting in front of your PC or always with your smartphone replying to emails and joining into Zoom meetings. Handling all these might be detrimental to stress management.

    Just go for a technology break on the weekend. Staring at the screen all the time is more than enough reason to give your eyes rest. You can use any goal tracker method that works for you to monitor your use of technology.

  • Try socializing more
  • Having to cut from our usual fast-paced schedule might be great for stress management at first, but being in quarantine for this long can be awfully isolating, especially if you stay alone. We are naturally wired to socialize and aren’t meant to stay apart for this long. Experts have strongly suggested that this much isolation is bad for our physical and mental health.

    Even if you can’t go out, try some virtual socializing to catch up with family and friends. A video call with your best friend or co-worker can lift your spirit for the rest of the day. You can text or call a couple of friends you haven’t heard from in a while. Your call or text might be what makes their day too.

  • Get rid of some calories.
  • You must have probably been expecting to see this. Well, the truth is, it is incredibly unhealthy to sit indoors for so long without burning most of the accumulated calories. You can opt for a light jog, take a long walk, ride your bike, or stream yoga or dance video online to get your mind racing and heart thumping.

    Sometimes, the motivation to maintain exercising habits might come far from us, but you can get it right with daily goal setting and goal tracking.

  • Eat dinner early, and be grateful.
  • This shouldn’t be included because why would you want to eat late when you now have more than enough time to get filled before dark. Eating early helps you sleep better since your digestive system must have finished the breakdown process.

    Also, showing conscious gratitude for the little things around is another significant way to have a wonderful weekend day in quarantine. You have to make it one of your goal tracker to show gratitude for all the good things in your life and stop focusing on the negatives – there’s already an unbias.

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