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Quantity of life vs Quality of life

When it comes to differentiating these two terms, quantity means the amount of something you are doing. If it’s doing what you love, you do many things, but with Quality, the amount does not matter but rather doing something essential and of the highest level. It’s a reality that in this life, we always hear about the Quality of your work or decision matters, not the quantity. When it comes to your life, you may fall into the trap of wondering if it’s the Quality or the quantity that will matter to you. In most cases, you will find that both terms apply, and one is as important as the other.

In all situations, we are taught that when you do something of high quality, you will likely succeed. Also, we are ascertained that when you do quality creative work is different when you do quantity creative work. On the viewpoint of that, you can do little quality work, and none sees it since it is limited to geographical location; when you do a vast amount of work, there might be no one there to determine the kind of work you are doing and if it meets the required standard. Hence in that sentiment, the number of work matters when compared with Quality.

When it comes to music, it is a different view; as a musician, you may sing one Quality of music that will be outstanding, and you are known all over the world. Some will not like that music but will be very happy when they get your album consisting of multiple songs where they can choose from. It may feel better when you have to select one of the best hits according to you from the list rather than being given only one song—keeping in mind that we all have different tastes and different understanding of the things that happen around us. This means the quality and quantity of life both matter at some points.

In this life, you need to balance the two terms, and if you are doing something that requires the public address, you need to work extra hard and ensure that you are providing something quantity, thereby maintaining quality. To be excellent and successful, you need to ensure you have a goal tracker, which will enable you to keep in touch and check if you are achieving both the Quality of life and quantity.

Bottom line

At one point or another, never think that Quality is of much importance when compared to quantity. When you focus on one item, you will note that you will not likely be accepted because of one. This is because our taste and preferences matters, and when one loves a Quality substance, someone else will go with the quantity you are producing. Learn also to appreciate others who struggle toward achieving much more in their entire life.

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