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The Secrets To Wise Decision Making: Balancing Emotions With Logic

Everyone has feelings, however, it reaches a point where emotions become overwhelming such that it becomes difficult for one to reason. It has been discovered that when one retires to bed, they would have made probably 35,000 decisions. But the real question is why settling on a particular decision becomes troublesome? This is so because each decision requires one to balance what they fantasize about and what they need to do. Therefore everyday people are assaulted by the hardship in balancing logic and emotions.

3 Ways to Wise Decision Making and Balance Emotions with Logic

When faced with emotional scenarios, it becomes hard for them to differentiate between genuine and fake. That’s why it is advisable to consider the facts rather than subjectivity. Please focus on the main agenda rather than your feelings towards it. The following are ways that one can balance logic and emotions, which will help them make wise decisions.

3 Ways to Wise Decision Making and Balance Emotions with Logic

1. Remove all the detrimental factors while decision making.

What are these factors? It could be friends or even your fiancé. These are people who have a significant impact on your life and they contribute to driving away from the authenticity of your feelings, thus altering your emotions and logic. They will hinder you from listening to your inner voice; thus, most of the decisions that you will make will be based on their opinions and views. Therefore, to conquer this, one needs to deviate from them, set their personal time, and think for themselves. Sometimes your spouse’s or friend’s decisions may be based on selfish motives. Therefore you need to set your personal time to analyze the scenario and make decisions based on your capabilities.

2. Seize from making decisions when you are in particular conditions.

The major conditions that might result in one making bad decisions are hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness. Each of these forces has a great impact, and it can havoc on one’s ability when making decisions. How many stupid decisions have you made and later regretted because you were fueled by anger, hunger, tiredness, or loneliness? The truth is that one needs to be in their sober minds before making decisions, especially those that affect you and other people.

3. Think about the future results by making a list of pros, cons, and risks engaged

Sometimes jotting down a list of why you should or should not perform something is enough to help one balance their emotions with logic. Before settling on a particular decision, ask yourself questions like; what will you gain if you choose A and neglect B? What is the risk of this choice? Are you prepared to deal with the consequences that might result from your choice? Considering such questions will make you make wise decisions. A choice that you are conversant with the risks and you are ready to suffer the consequences if they arise.

In conclusion, your life is yours alone, but you should always balance emotions with logic because your thoughts and reactions to situations carry both consequences and rewards. Therefore you need to settle on the decisions that feel right to you, and you are ready to bear the results, which can be accomplished by ensuring that logic and emotional bonds are not overstepped.