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Happiness is more than feelings, but you will realize that people are happier in some activities than others. Accepting yourself the way you are and happiness is two things that go in hand; in fact, the level at which you accept yourself is directly proportional to your level of happiness. The best thing about self-acceptance is that it is unconditional. Many people will accept themselves after accomplishing a particular task or when they are doing well in life, but it should not be that way; we should always accept ourselves no matter the circumstances and challenges we face. Your joy should not be based on whether people like you or not; it should be unconditionally.

“When it comes to Self-acceptance, fear is usually the killer of every dream.”

Self-acceptance is built over time, like any other skill that one obtains after practicing for long durations. People learn at different rates; some will learn to accept themselves quickly, while some will take time. The only way to accept yourself is through changing the way you think about yourself, no matter how bad you might seem to be. It would be best to neglect that inner critic telling you that you are not good enough and inadequate. The following acts can improve the levels of self-acceptance if you want to live a happier life

  • Celebrating your strengths
  • The only way to celebrate your strengths is through accepting your weaknesses. This can be obtained by asking yourself questions like; what are the things that you have always wanted to accomplish in life? What are the areas that you are good at? What makes you unique from other people? These will help you focus on the positive side of your life, especially when you are having an off moment and you will feel rejuvenated, thus accepting yourself the way you are.

  • Create a support system
  • Surround yourself with positive people who are always ready to help you, accept you, and support you to accomplish your purpose in life and avoid those trying to drag you behind. According to research conducted by Robert Waldinger, it has been depicted that quality relationships are the key to happiness and self-acceptance. The people who are always happy are those with healthy and high-quality connections.

  • Forgive yourself Make Self-Acceptance
  • This can be the toughest to conquer, especially after being faced with a major problem that you made a wrong move in tackling. But it would be best if you learned to move on and forget the past regrets and accept that you are the best. Even people who are always easy to forgive others will admit that self-forgiveness and acceptance are very hard. Living with regrets will make you feel doomed, and every decision you make you will feel is wrong as a wrong one. Therefore to forgive yourself, you need to admit that you made a mistake, acknowledge your errors, and use it as a lesson. That way, you will be progressing, and it will be easy to accept yourself.

    In conclusion, by learning self-acceptance and loving yourself unconditionally, you will understand how to live with your imperfections. That will make you live a happy life free from regrets.

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