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Simple tactics to stay positive and motivated during difficult times

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When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They’re sent to promote, increase and strengthen you. ~ Joel Osteen

Everything in life may be going so smooth and as per your plan. You are thankful for all the little blessings in life and suddenly something happens to change everything at once.

It may be a loss of job, spouse, your home or your health.

“It is so unfair and you don’t deserve this”….. Such thoughts start to creep into your mind to make it all the worse.

Life is not a bed full of roses. It takes you through the ups and downs. When the journey of life gets difficult, often we become shattered from inside and out. There is no option to quit in life. “We have to survive somehow”… and how do you do that? What can be done to get you through the rough times?

Accept the emotions and situations

Denial and rejections, pain and sorrow, anxiety and frustrations, loneliness and lack of support… the situations which can cause turmoil can be endless. The trick is to accept the instances you are placed in. Journaling lets you bring out the thoughts that can suffocate you. Find a paper and a pen or make use of latest online journal apps to help you write down the thoughts and emotions.

Make your own positive Mantra

The song lyrics by Kelly Clarkson is something you can always keep telling yourself. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…Stand a little taller”

List out a few positive mantras like “Get Strong”, “Keep Thriving” etc on a stick note and paste it on places you will see. Find words that are suitable for you and repeat saying it every day. Positive affirmations can lighten up the mental chaos.

Invest in yourself

If your business has gone down, or you are facing a hard time at work or even in relationships, find ways to create a positive improvement. If you find yourself lacking any essential skill, be it emotional management, technical know-how, or any skill that helps you makes your days easier, DO THAT! Take initiative to redirect your energy to self-improvement. You will thank yourself later for this tiny act.

Practice Gratitude

Perhaps the most important attitude to get out of the rut is to embrace change and practice gratefulness. Often, realizing and counting our blessings can create a sense of relief. Thinking of people who are less deprived of what we all have, enhances gratitude in us. This feeling makes us more calm and composed. You can either use notes to write down gratitude journals or if you are more inclined to technology, use gratitude journal app.

Surround yourself with positive people

You might have come across this saying: “If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas” It is more important than ever to avoid the negative people, who only ever focus on what they haven’t got as opposed to what they have and so on. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the negativity vortex. Check out some meetups in your area, or life success apps to help you network with like-minded people.

It will not be easy but needs a constant effort from both our heart and mind to keep moving forward in life especially when things are going opposite to what we want. At the end, you will reach a beautiful destination with all the hardship.

You cannot have everything you want in life, but when the life throws curve balls at you, make use of resources you already have. Bloom from where you are planted!!

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