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Do You Think Life Is Such A Winless Struggle? Why Are We Here

Life is so dynamic; you may wonder why you are struggling too much, yet there is no reward after it all. Most of us have found ourselves in a situation whereby we wonder if we are worth living. What we are meant to become and what earth would look like if there was no one living. In this article, I will let you know why you are here and the reason you were born. Struggles will always be there and are meant to make us better people in the future. Life depends on how you take it as motivation.

you should have the right motivation to enjoy what you have for now
“Forget what happened yesterday and focus on the new mission. Remember, hard times come to show us the way and enlighten us more on our field of study.”

  • To enjoy living
  • Every day comes with new things, new plans, and calls for different ways. If you believe in your journey towards success, you should have the right motivation to enjoy what you have for now. Even at your most challenging time, find a little thing that will make you happy, something that can make you celebrate even out of the most problematic situation you are in. Life holds a lot of things that you can easily enjoy despite the shortcoming.

  • To be of service
  • Service to others it’s another reason we are here; despite the challenges, we are called to help others in their most difficult times. An inner feeling inside you always keeps you moving, and you should never overrate it. The moment you offer service to others, you become more enlightened and essential to those close to you.

  • To achieve our goals
  • Goal setting is an activity that we all engage ourselves in, and we are meant to be successful. Our creator allows us to set goals, follow them, and once we do the right thing, we achieve them. that is when we become winners and feel like we own the world. One needs to keep committed and do the right thing always, which will keep you moving.

  • To create a new direction
  • Everyone is born for a purpose, and every goal has a meaning. Every day, you can change the world by creating a new direction for you and the people you love. While on the journey to create a new approach, you will always face challenges, which will be difficult to overcome. If you are not strong at heart, you may quickly lose track and do things that may make you regret in the future.

  • To explore and know the meaning of life
  • As you grow, you get an understanding of what we are all meant to do. You find your purpose why you should live. That is always depended on the situation you are currently in or even your passion. That’s what calls for sacrifice and doing things to make your life meaningful. Motivation is what keeps everyone moving and towards finding that single reason to live.

    Final thought

    To answer the question if you think life is such a winless struggle? Based on the above point, I will say no, life is precious, and the more you love what you do, the more you get the energy to keep moving. We are all here with a purpose and for a reason, and as we progress, we make others feel our presence.

    In life, we are not guaranteed beautiful and encouraging moments always. There are times when the going gets tough and arise the need to be focused on motivation.

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