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Tips for Pursuing a Side Hustle

Several people will tell you it’s good to have a side hustle, but when you ask for how to go about it, they start mentioning things that’ll affect your regular job. You’ll learn self-help tips for pursuing a side hustle to help with stress management in this post.

  • Write down the things you’re interested in
  • Even if you’re already doing what you love as a full-time job, you still have to do what you enjoy doing as a side hustle, or you’ll end up struggling with stress management and the motivation to continue after a while. As long as this is a work you tend to after working hours, you wouldn’t want to pick one that wouldn’t give you the motivation to maintain.

    You need to brainstorm on part-time hustles that are profitable, and you can easily make a hobby. Write them down and choose the ones that you know will fit into your leisure hours.

  • Decide if your choice is worth the investment
  • You don’t want to go into a side hustle that takes so much of your time and money. Yes, side hustles too require money and time, but as long as they take away all your leisure hours or so much money, you have to dig your hands into your savings, then that’s a problem.
    Even though side hustles are for leisure time, you still need to have some time for yourself; if not, you might start having challenges with stress management, and the motivation to continue can speedily fade away. Your side hustle should fit into your goal setting and goal tracking.

  • Team up with others
  • Several people successfully started their side hustles alone. It’s very common to build your own business from scratch with no one to answer to. That’s great, but there comes a time when managing the business alone starts infringing on your stress management and goal tracking. Expansion is one of these situations, where you’ll need to broaden your reach to increase sales and grow the business.

    If you do get to this point in your side hustle, you need to accept that it’s time to let others in. Choosing to continue the business on your own might be the beginning of the end because, as a business, the more challenging it becomes to run it alone.

  • Strikeout distractions
  • There are tons of distractions flying around us every second, and even at our full-time job, you could easily lose focus on a task. It could be news outlets, addictive apps, or social media competing for your attention with each passing second.
    For a successful side hustle, you have to get rid of any form of distraction, especially when on the job. Words are cheap, aren’t they? Well, we can only try.
    You need to figure out all of your major distractions during the day, and you’ll realize that you spend countless hours on them. But is you were asked what the major challenge in starting a side hustle is, you’ll most likely say, “I don’t really have the time.”
    Work to eliminate distractions daily. You can do this with conscious habit tracking and goal tracking. Those occasional quick trips to Facebook or Twitter that ends up costing you about 2 to 3 hours are the real enemies to your side hustle.

  • Avoid conflicts of interest.
  • If your side hustle is going to affect your performance at your regular job or is in a way linked together, it may be best to try something else. However, this doesn’t imply that you should let go of the idea if it’s a profitable one. You can simply shelf it for the time being while you engage in something that doesn’t lead to a conflict of interest with your regular job.

  • Don’t let go of your regular job.
  • A major risk in starting a side hustle is that you might start underperforming in your regular job, which could be easily noticed. Even if you’ve already started and your side hustle seems to be paying well, you should fight the temptation to let go of your day job.
    Always try to give your best at work while at work until the last day you choose to leave (if you’re looking to leave). A side hustle is meant as background support to your income streams. So, remember that your regular are what pay the bills and will most likely fund and grow your side business. For this reason, avoid squeezing in your side hustle into your working hours as it is a sure way to kill your motivation and lose the battle of stress management.

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