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Ways to reform your life after a breakup

Getting over a breakup has never been easy for anyone. In order to get over a breakup, you need to pass through a very emotional and painful period. The pain’s even deeper if you were dating for a long time. Needless to say, you’re certainly suffering a lot right now and I’m truly sorry for you…
Happily, there are ways to get over a breakup! And that’s easier than you think. Here are the best ways I know to get over a breakup. It works both for an ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend!

way #1: Clean your home!

First of all, you should get rid of everything that reminds of him: it could be photos of your couple, gifts of your ex, everything that relates to your ex!
More precisely, you should eradicate every object linked to a memory of your ex! And be merciless on this point. I know it’ll be hard but if you want to get over this breakup fast, you really have to do this.
And If you have big things to make disappear like a couch, simply change its look, you don’t have to get rid of it!

way #2: Think of him as a bad guy!

Think of him, did I say? Sorry, maybe you miss him a lot, but you have to do it. Think of all his negative points!
Moreover, you should think of the positive things this breakup brought you! I mean, there’s certainly something that was annoying you in this relationship! See? It disappeared thanks to your breakup!
CAUTION: this might not be a guaranteed way to get over a breakup because if even thinking of your ex makes you cry, well, it’ll be more painful than anything. So if you’re in this situation, don’t do this! On the other hand, it’s really effective to forget about your ex!

way #3: Write down all your pain and bad feelings!

Simply write a letter where you express your deepest pain and bad feelings, and how you’re feeling about your relationship with your ex. You should do it like you were writing it to your ex!
Speak of the breakup, your old life together, where you ended now
After having done this, simply burn the letter. Never send it to your ex! I assure you that you’ll feel immediately better!

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way #4: Start dating again!

Yes! It’s super easy. In order to forget your ex totally, you should start your normal life again! Go out, enjoy yourself with your friends… and look for a new boyfriend or girlfriend! It’s by far the best way to deal with a breakup…
And don’t think you’re betraying your ex! You’re simply showing the world that you’re not living in the past and that you can move on!
Otherwise, do you want to get your ex back? It’s totally possible!

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