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Ways to Stay Sane During the Quarantine

While most of us are in quarantine due to the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak, it’s essential to remain focused on our physical and mental wellness. With the situation of things and how overwhelming the news reports can be, it is easy to fall into unhealthy habits and fail in stress management. At times, the motivation to get out of bed might be very low as our face-paced lifestyle has been put to a halt.

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The truth remains that this isn’t the time to become a social media addict; neither is it the time to start eating as though you’ve been told you won’t see the next day. So, what then are we to do to stay sane during the quarantine? Here are some things you can pay more attention to:

Structure your own schedule

To avoid giving way to unhealthy patterns, you need to create a routine and structure for yourself. This is especially important for your mental health. Since businesses and schools have been closed, several people have their usual pattern, and to adjust to sitting all day indoors has become a problem.

You can prevent slipping into unhealthy habits by habit tracking and goal tracking. This means you should create a schedule you can stick to maintain stress management and enhance goal setting. In your schedule, you should also give yourself more time to relax – take advantage of your spare time. Also, avoid paying too much attention to all the negativity on the news.

Keep up with your online classes

The quarantine quickly moved everything online, which means you can easily lose focus of your online programs, dates, and assignments. Ensure always to check your emails daily so as not to miss out on any important info.

While it is always tempting to open those addictive apps and social media each time you pick up your mobile devices, you have to find a source of motivation to stick to your online classes schedule. That’s a sure way to remain sane in this uncertain time.

Try working out daily

The beautiful thing about working out daily is that it does not only keep you in shape; it also greatly affects your mood. When you workout, it has been proven that your endorphins in your body are increased and sent to your brain, which makes you happy and improves your motivation and stress management.

The best way to achieve this is by including it in your schedule. And to stick to it, it is best to attach it before a daily habit you’re already used to. For instance, you can decide to do about an hour of rigorous exercises before brushing in the morning.

Consciously choose a new hobby.

The most available resource we all have in this quarantine is time – it is in excess. So, why not take advantage of all this time and learn that particular thing you’ve always promised yourself to learn. There are numerous free self-help videos online to learn just about anything you want.

Choosing a new hobby is a breezy way to avoid getting bored. If you’ve never thought of any new skill you’ll like to learn on your own; you can try out different instruments, cooking recipes, or even online dance classes. There are tons of things you can learn on YouTube. You just have to step out of your comfort zone.

Engage in fun activities with your loved ones

We can all agree that this is by far the most important aspect of the quarantine. We get to spend more time with our loved ones and get to connect better. However, even as most of us stay indoors, we are likely to slip into daily activities that do not include spending time with those around us.

You can engage in exciting things like board games, video games, watching a movie together, or even maintaining family dinner every night. At the end of this pandemic, you might be surprised how much you never knew about those under your roof.

Clean the house regularly

You might have realized that there’s an exciting feeling of accomplishment you get each time you clean your room or the entire house. Well, you ought to be getting more of that feeling since you have to clean your home more often now that everyone is indoors.

If you usually do a general cleaning on weekends alone, that has to change as times have changed. Also, cleaning maintains one’s sanity while keeping everything sanitary. You need your disinfectant and sanitizers to do the best job for you. You might be surprised at the effect of cleaning on stress management.

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